12/12/2012, 14:11
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Speaking of “Toyotism” and industrial inertia in the US, I stumbled upon this commercial for the new Toyota Tundra. Riffing on Toyota’s rise at Ford et al.’s expense, it throws salt on the wound of declining American manufacturing. I saw it playing before a movie in Saskatoon; I wonder if it aired south of the 49th.

The commercial lists a bunch of things that “You,” all-American-man, used to think when you were growing up—you didn’t think math would prove useful, but you became and engineer; you thought all-American-girl across the road was annoying, but she became your loving wife; you thought babies were even more annoying, but they became one of your proudest accomplishment; and…

“You even used to think the most dependable truck had to come come from Detroit.”

“Good thing you kept an open mind.”

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