Geeky Graffiti
26/09/2012, 10:49
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I got stats on the mind. The first thing I thought when I passed this graffiti this morning en route to my favourite daily coffee spot was, “R-Squared!” It does not help that right now I’m working on a paper in which the main hypothesis test consists of a comparison between R^2.

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Big Island in actu
24/09/2012, 16:03
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Sometimes when I read news stories out of China, the numbers reported make me think of the Big levels from the old Super Mario gamesContinue reading

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Tax cuts do lead to greater inequality
17/09/2012, 14:35
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While there appears to be little to no evidence that tax cuts stimulate economic growth, they do seem to make rich people richer relative to everyone else (in The Atlantic).

Analysis of six decades of data found that top tax rates “have had little association with saving, investment, or productivity growth.” However, the study found that reductions of capital gains taxes and top marginal rate taxes have led to greater income inequality.

One of these days, I, or someone else, is going to have to get around to showing how inequality hurts economic growth.  Continue reading

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Tax hikes can lead to economic growth
15/09/2012, 18:03
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I spend a lot of time studying economic indicators and reading what various analysts have to say about them. I’m a PhD student in economic sociology and a paid policy analyst. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to reference all these years upon years of study and reflection every time I open my mouth to make a point.

So it’s always nice when the New York Times assembles a pithy infograph that communicates something that I and everyone else that spends all their time thinking and reading about this stuff takes for granted.  Continue reading

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Saturday night rent night
08/09/2012, 23:14
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This evening, I’m skimming theories of rent. For fun.

Rent is a bad thing. It’s econospeak for “undeserved profit.” Rent is a fun concept because it slips power back into neoclassical economics. Rents do not exist in perfect markets. They only exist where institutional contexts favour one group or individual at the expense of others.

While skimming the net, a few things stood out.  Continue reading

Your mind blown
07/09/2012, 17:42
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Your mind blown. More than once. Actually, this video is about 7 minutes long, and it will happen between 10 and 12 times. That is your mind blown at a rate of nearly 1.7 times a minute. Behold, the tardigrad, a.k.a the “water bear.” Via

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Election hangover
06/09/2012, 17:56
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Election results are in. What happened? The PQ got lucky. The Liberals got lucky too.*

The Liberals got lucky because the PQ dropped the ball—they weren’t obliterated.

The PQ got lucky, because just enough people despised the Liberals enough to overlook the fact that the PQ dropped the ball—they won a weak minority government.  Continue reading