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02/01/2012, 15:57
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My name is Chuk Plante, I’m a treeplanter and a sociologist in training, and this is my blog. cutandplante is a play on the expression “cut and paste,” cutting trees and planting them, and my name—that’s right, a second order pun. Credit for this title is owed to some guy from New Brunswick.

After embarrassing myself by posting a way too much on facebook over the 2011 Christmas holidays, I decided it might be time for me to finally start a blog. I am also at a stage in my career when I should be practicing writing as much as I can, and this seems like a pretty good excuse. Finally, the facebook wall, though quick and easy, wasn’t a great medium for communicating and discussing lengthier thoughts.

I reserve the right to agree or disagree with the things I post on here. Most of all, I also reserve the right to change my mind.

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